Waiting for winter and timetable...

At the moment my internet-connection at home is not working so I can only go online by morbilephone or at places with free wifi.

Yesterday was that special day which appears every year arround that time and at which I turn from wanting summer to come back to wanting winter to start.
In fact: The day when I get the new Burton 2010/2011 seasons Catalouge! <3

I'm always verry excited to get it because I can see the whole new collection and also because it is always also a piece of art because the design is always verry well done and there are so much beautifull pictures in it.

Here is a selection of my favorite pics of it:

After seeing this trough I'm now really excited for the new season and want to go to the indoor-park in Neuss soon again.

I also came up with a list of things I still want to / have to buy for the season:

-  low light lense for my google
- new jacket
- impact shorts
- Burton goretex denim pant (I want that one for 2 years now so I think this year I may be really buing it...)


Now something about today:

Today I got my timetable for the new semester which is starting soon. I think it's quite ok:

I hope I will be able to take into account my grafis-lesson from jobschool so that I don't need to attend CAD Construction of Garm.

Also today afternoon I will go an register at a drivingschool to get my driving licence. I wanted that since a long time but always had either no time or no money but now I really want to start and I'm verry excited about it.^^

I'm back.....

These last week I felt sick most of the time so I wasn't in the mood to post here but now I start feeling better again.
So here are pics of some of the things I bought in the last days:


(Juicy Couture)

(Juicy Couture)

And here also an actual pic of me:

Shopping and concert

Yesterday I meet with Claudi and Alina to guide them to the shop where I bought my extensions.
On the way back I bought a scarf from Diesel I have been after for a while now:

Today I got up early and went to the coustoms to pick up my order from ichibankao which was stuck there.
This is what I ordered from there:

- Dolly Wink nail polish in mint and lavender
- Candy Doll highlighter
- Majolica mascara and eyepencil

 Today afternoon I will meet Nancy in Cologne.
We will do some shopping and then go to the Gamescom special concert of Stanfour and Revolverheld.

My outfit for today is here !

Duesseldorf with Nina....

Today afternoon I went to Duesseldorf with Nina.
We did some purikura (although we were not styled at all >.<) and had coffee at Starbucks and dinner at Maruyasu. And of course did a little shopping.^^

This is what I found:

Usamimi, pocket mirror and underwear, all from H&M lingerie shop

And here are our purikura:

Meet Nancy for scrapping....

Today Nancy came arround and we did some scrapbooking.
I worked on my new albums which will only contain pics in pirate-lolita style ans which will have a fairytale like design konzept.

I really love the layouts I did today with my new stamps and accessories I bought on tuesday....

This is page 1

These are pages 5 and 6
(I still have to work on 2 and 3 XD )

New Handbag

Today I went to the custoums to pick up my new Angelic Pretty Handbag.
Sadly it was picked out and I had to pay for it. T__T

I was hunting behind it for a while but now I can finally hold it in my hands! <3

I'm still waiting for two other paracells, one with my usamimi-hairbands and one with cosmetics, hope I will get them soon.^^

Duesseldorf ^^

Today I went to Duesseldorf early and meet Nancy at the main station.
From there we went to Bettypepper (a shop for scrapbook stuff) a bought some stuff I will post on Lolitascrap later...

Then we went back to the center of city where we meet Charlotte. We went to OCS and did Purikura with the new machine there:

After that we went to Don and had delicious japanese food. I had toriteri-udon and gyoza and after that to a cafe where Nancy and Charlotte eat icecrem. (I was allready filled up since I had a stop at starbucks on the way^^)

 The three of us at the cafe
(pic x-posted to ameba)

At last we went to the cinema and watched Toy Story 3 in 3D which was verry cool and funny.

Shopping and party

Yesterday I went shopping in Duesseldorf with my parents but I just bought two mags and a hair-conditioner:

In the evening I went to Kufa, this was my styling:

I don't have a full outfit shoot but what you can't see in the pic is a pleated denim- mini-skirt, black overnknees, black legwarmers and black sneakers.

Please also visit and add my new Ameba blog!
I'ts picture-only and I update it from my mobile-phone frequently.

New Totebag and Purikura-album

When I wanted to get the Angelic Pretty ribbon-bag from my shopping service, I mistakingly also ordred a Wondercookie totebag which I originally didn't want to have.
Now it arrived and I have to say that now that I hold it in hands I really like it. (Only the thought of what I paid for this simple fabric-bag leaves a bitter taste...)

I also found the time to finish the page of my puri album with all the pis I have until now:

(klicking the pic leads you to the galery! ^^)

Animagic 2010

Past weekend, Animagic (the biggest anime- and manga-convention in Germany) took place and I visited it for the first time.

On friday I went there with Sascha and Svenja. We arrived there at noon and quickly found our friends there.
I didn't stay long since I still had some work to do at home for the Dunkelsuess - market which should take place on saturday.


 Our group on friday

 Claudi and me

Saturday was the day for my WHAAM-Outfit. XD
Some weeks ago I got the Onepiece of Magical etoile which is one of my absolut dream dresses which I wanted to get since ages. I didn't post it here when I got it since I wasn't that satisfied with it in the beginning but now I really love it.
So on saturday I went there early together with Nancy and Sascha since we had to be there at 11.00am to set up our both at the market. So on Saturday I was sitting behind the both most of the time but since Nancy was there to help me I was able to also walk arround a bit and to took some photos with my new dress.

with Alina

my favorite pic of the weekend! XDD

On sunday I went there a bit later and this time alone but I meet Medji and another lovely girl (which name I forgot  >.<) at the train and nearly directly when we reached the fair-ground I meet Marren and Ahn-Binh, too.
I was wearing jewelery jelly and Marren was my twin that day.
I didn't any serious photos that day since my hair was quite shitty, Binh was not there ( XD ) and I was in the Convention-hall nearly the whole time (I got Saschas weekend ticket because he had to take his flight home on Sunday and so didn't need it anymore)
There was a booth from Plasticpop which sold beautifull Pullip dolls which I really fall in love with. If I have had mony I think I wouldn't have withstand them and would have bought one. XD
But so the only thing I bought over the whole weekend was a stitch-fan. XDD

I went home togheter with Anna and Charlotte but before we took some funny pics:

With Flokati and Charlotte
(It was really shocking to see Charlotte in that cosplay if you know her normal hair and makup style! XDD)

 With Anna (cosplaying Draco Malfoy) and a weired friend of Charlotte XD

All pics except the ones watermarked by me are taken by Binh. Thank you!^^