Yes, I'm still here.....

I know I haven't posted for far too long but in the last time I yust had so much stress and didn't really feel like dressing up or even writing something.

So first a short review of my Christmas presents:
  • Snowboard-helmet from Red
  • Melty Chocolate Cardigan from Angelic Pretty
  • Barbie Aniversary heart-pendant from Thomas Sabo
  • Money (which I spent for Scrapbooking stuff and a Bench fleecejacket which is still on the way to me)

On monday I have been in Venlo and bought some new Scrapbooking stuff, entry for that is over here:
Entry on Lolita Scrap  (in German language)

Yesterday I meet Haru in Düsseldorf to give her a belated Christmas Present.
I gave here some Gemstone scrapbooking-paper, I think she liked it. ^_~
Of course we also went to starbucks and took the last oportunity to get the christmas specials. (I had a "Lebkuchen-Latte")
We also seached some shops for the Bench jacket I wanted to get from my christmas-money but all stores had it either in wrong colour or size so I will now get it from the internet.^^
After I left from Düsseldorf I meet me parents in the Krefeld-city. There I bought a new DS Game^^.
(In fact I didn't have money for that but the shop had a discount-action of 20% so I took the chance)