Carnival, gal-meet and some gets...

So last weekend was Carnival here in my region. It is celebrated every year in febuary over one weekend with a lot of parties and parades!

This year my costume was cheshire cat^^

I really like this costume so I will probably wear it again at Halloween^^

Some weeks ago there was the international gyaru winter meetup. I went there with Ina and we had a lot of fun meeting all the cute gals there. I was really happy to see all the people which I come to meet so rarely like the dutch girls from hyper and my sweet name-sister Jessica.

Somehow I got only very few pics of the day but here they are:

my outfit for the meet

one of the puris I took with Jessica

As you can see in all of the pics in this post I finaly have some new hair-exensions! *__*
Until now I alsways used clip in extensions but now I have some permanent ones and I love them so much, they are fixed with a kind of glue tape. Maybe I will do a review about that if some of you are intrested...

And last but not least I went shopping again last week, this is what I got:

It's finally done *__*

You might have wondered why I didn't post here for like ages.
Well the last months I have been very unhappy with my old blogging-platform (Wordpress) and my old Layout. I really wanted to switch but I didn't have the time to export everything and do the new layout until now.
But with this post I'm back to blogspot now!!
I wanted to go back for a long time since I really missed the blogger following tool which I think is really strong tool. I noticed it at myself while I was using blogger in the past that I was more likely following blogs that were on the blogger platform, since it is easy to read because you get all the new posts from the blogs you are following directly to your own dashboard. Only thing that doesn't yet work is my normal url.

So at the moment you find this blog under: