Boba Fett pattern-set for free download

Download my set of prop-patterns for fee!

Boba Fett at German Comic Con

Last weekend I visited the first german comic con.
It was the first time that this convention took place. It was rather small but I think it has potential to grow fast next year.

For this convention I made a new cosplay. A female version of Boba Fett from Star Wars.
Sadly I don't have a frontal full body shoot of it but at least a few other pics, so have some photo spam:^^

(photo by Fotograf-13 editing by me)

With my male version^^
(photo taken by my boyfriend)

With Lukas Urisaki as Kylo Ren
(photo by Fotograf-13 editing by me)

and a selfie^^

This cosplay was kind of a easy one, with not so much detailed props so taking a week off from work was enough to finish it. It's always difficult to build your cosplays when you are working in a 40hours/week job T___T ....

For this cosplay I made all the patterns digitally on my iPad Pro which was good practice for my future patterning-projects.
I will upload the patterns from this project for free download shortly!

I also meet the lovely Natalia Le Fay which I knew from old times. She is a super talented photographer and was also wearing a star wars cosplay^^

Natalia and me^^

On sunday I was interviewed by the comic-blog about cosplaying. I am always a little bit nervous and feel awkward in such situations but the result turned out good. You can see the video with my interview here.

Astrologian from FFXIV at Gamescom

Hey guys,
I didn't post here in a year or so since I didn't feel my life had anything interesting for you in this time but this changed last summer when I finally started cosplaying.
I was spinning this around in my head for a long time now since cosplay always amazed me, even back when I was into Lolita-Fashion, but I was never such a big fan of manga/anime and in that time 90% of the cosplays were manga/anime related.
When I got into gaming some years ago I finally found some nice characters that would make good cosplays but I was always afraid of it. I knew I could easily handle the sewing part, because of my background but I was massively afraid of the armor and props and had no idea where to start with this.
Then, last spring, I went to a role-play convention where some cosplayers had their own booths and I had the chance to talk a bit to them and get some tips about materials and stuff and so I was finally confident enough to start on my very first cosplay.

My choice fell on the classic Astrologic gear from Final Fantasy online, since I also play that class and really loved the design from the first look.
When I started planing I still hat tree months left until gamescom and I thought this would me more then enough time. Silly me. Of course it was by far not enough time, partly because I did this whole warble-crafting-thing for the first time and had no idea but mainly because I work in a full time job and only have my day of and maybe 1-2 hours in the evening on working days. So I ended up working on it EVERY F**** DAY for three months. In this time I did nothing but work, sleep, work on cosplay.
It was really hard but in the end I finished it in time for Gamescom.
I have worn it only one day on Saturday since it was really really uncomfortable, first because it was a long black dress with a wool-cape and 31°C and also because of the huge skirt and the corset-dress I was not able to sit down.
But nether the less it was a really great day, some people asked me for photos or made compliments on my cosplay, which made me really proud. Even some guys from square nix took photos with me.^^ Only downside was that not so many people recognized the cosplay, because not so many people play the game and know the classes.

This cosplay is far from being perfect, but it was my very first one and I think for that it turned out great.
Until now I only have one photo of it, but I want to do a shooting with it as soon as I can.

Back to business

Hey guys^^

it's been a really long while since I last posted here.
In the meantime I already thought about quiting the blog completely since of a lack of time and topics.
Since I'm working in a fulltimejob I have very little time and also I do not often style myself or meet with interesting people what gives me only very few things I can blog about.
Also I quit Gothic-Lolita-Style and I'm also only very little in Gyaru-Style and these were the main topics I did write about in the past.
And besides that I mostly feel like nobody is reading it anyway. Well I have some followers but only very few comments on entrys and so on so if you are a reader of this blog please feel free to give feedback and just comment about what you like or dislike or what you would wish to appear in my blog!

But still I want to continue this and try to get more followers and comments maybe with trying a little different topics.
For the future I want to write more about fashion an beauty and do more product and shop reviews. But also I want to write a little about technical gadgets, apps and gaming, since I think this is a topic also a lot of girls are interested in but there are not many blogs/shows/articles/reviews that are written from girls perspectives.

To give you a bit of an update here are a few facts of what is currently happening in my life:

  1. I'm now wearing glasses, which I really like!!
  2. I quit Lolita-Fashion almost completely now, with gyaru-fashion my style is still slightly influenced by it but I wouldn't call it that really
  3. Games I'm currently playing: Heroes of Hearthstone (iPad), Final Fantasy XIII Lightning returns (PS3), Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (PS4), Skylanders Swapforce (PS4), Zelda A Link between worlds (3DS)
And some current pics to complete it:

I Created a Facebook Likepage

Hey guys,
I know it's been a long time.... >.<

Work was very stressfull these past month...
Also I was prepareing for a lot of new things. I have some new product reviews to come soon also I will start my first live-broadcasting soon.

While I was setting up the twitch page for that I noticed  something regarding Facebook.
In the past time I always didn't really like likepages on facebook since I thought it would make people think you are kind of attention-whore and also because it need moderating.

Until now my blog was linking to my private Facebook which was kinda useless since I don't really add people I don't know in person on that account.
So I had to options, either adding all the people who wanted to add me because of the blog to my private account and therefor think over every post if I really want that information so much public or creating a likepage for that.

Because of that I now created a likepage now which you can add by clicking the button in the sidebar or by searching for:

Japan-day 2013

Yesterday I went to Japan-day. An annual fair for Japanese culture that takes place at the Rhein-promenade in Duesseldorf every year.
I was wearing my yukata again but this time with another obi and a more flattering hairstyle than last year. XD

This is my favorite pic of me that day

I picked up Chrissi in the morning and we went to Duesseldorf together. There we meet Alina and her husband Brandon at the mainstation, where I helped Alina to put on her yukata.

Alina and me at the station's toilet

After that we went to eat something. We wanted to go to nainwa but there was such a long waiting-line that we decided to go to another restaurant.

After lunch we went to the Promenade where the Japan-day took place.
Shortly after we arrived there the wether went bad and it was raining and it was so cold and windy. ;__;
We walked the promenade and searched for Ina who we found at the end of the Promenade but sadly we had only a few minutes together.

After being outside in the to cold for a while we decided to go to starbucks to have some coffee and get warm again.

Me at starbucks
After that we went back to the Promenade because it was allready evening and a gyaru-meetup was going to take place then.
On the meetup we met a lot of nice people. I was very happy to see Jessica again, even if it was only for short.

Of course I took pictures over the day. I really wanted to take more pictures but the weather conditions were so bad that everyone looked shitty after a while. ;__;
You find all of my pics in my photography-gallery. If you are in one of the pictures and want a high-res-copy just email me or drop a line on facebook!

Some Updates

As you might have seen I added a new Layout to the Blog.^^

Also I fixed the "reviews"-section again so that you can find product-reviews easily.

I got a new DSLR camera recently and I really want to improve my photography and editing skills so I will do various photoshoots in the future. For this I added the "Photography"-section where you will find all pics from my shoots.

On sunday I already took some shoots at the Dokomi convention in Duesseldorf, which are now available in the section.^^