Hot Koevit weekend...

Well to start on friday, I went to Oberhausen togehter with Chrissi for a photoshoot which was supposed to bring up some pics to promote an exibition where Lolita will be a part-theme of and which I help to organisze.
The photos were taken by Oli which is very talented. I think the photos will turn out very well and I will of course show them here when I get them.^^

On Saturday I went to Koevit. It was announced to be the last of these Event-series but it was poorly empty, so I was just sitting arround and chatting with the Dunkelsues-sales-booth team.
All in all the day was stressfull for me because I had issues with trains to go there and also on the way home.
I really hate Deutsche Bahn...
Oh and it was really hot... something above 30°C I think... So I didn't wear socks.
And now I'm angy about I didn't because the photos would have been better with them... T__T

Jasmin and me

Peeeace!! ^^


I have been tagged for this from Keks a while ago but didn't have time to do it until now...
This meme is originaly german so I also had to translate it x__x

The Rules: Tag two people and add one question

1. Lipgloss or Lipstick?
I use both but I prefer sticks because the just feel better in my opinion.

2. Powder- or cream- eyshadow?
Powder. Definetely.

3. Metall or lame eyeshadow?
Depends on the look. It hast to fit to the rest of the makeup and to the overall look and outfit.

4. Normal or waterproof mascara?
I don't like waterproof ones! They are so hard to remove... >.<

5. Foundation?
Yes. Of course. (from Clairins)

6. Puder?

7. Rouge or bronzer?
I apply rouge most often. Brnzer I only use for conouring sometimes....

8. Nude or popping eyemake?
Depends on the look and occaision.

9. Tanning?
I don't like tanning so much but completely white is also not that pretty so I try to at leas lay my legs into the sun sometimes. XD

10. Nailpolish?
I prefer gel-nails.

11. Favorite brand? 
MAC, Chanel, Shiseido

12. Favorite eyemake kombination?
My lavender metal glitter pigments from MAC combined with black in a smoky eyes style.

13. Favorite eyeliner?
MAC Gel-liner.

14. Brush, applikator or finger?

15. Total makeup-fail? 
Colourful mascara.

16. Do you wear maekup for school/university/work? If so - would you also go without?
Yes I do. I would never go without. I at least need a base and some mascara.

17. Nailart or pure colour?
Nailart!! <3

18. Make-Up-remover, cleansing-sheets or cleansing-lotion?
I prefer cleansing-lotion.

19. Favorite nailpolish colour / colour combination?
Pink, black and a combination of those two.

20. Most hated product and why?
Mousse-make-up. It just looks ugly on every skin I've seen it on so far...

21. Nude lipstick or more colourfull?
I prefer to stay in the nudy range.

22. Specific contouring or just a flash of rouge?
For special occasions I do contouring but not for every day styles.

23. Will "taupe" stay after it is getting old?
I really hope that it will dissapear soon.....

24. Haircare with or without silicones?
I don't believe in that kind of stuff.

25. Do you use eyeshadow base? Which one?
Yes I use the one from Artdeco.

26. Favorite Perfume?
Coco Madmoiselle and Chance

27. How often do you buy new cosmetic products (in one month) ??
Depends. About 1-4 times?

28. How do you think, would the perfect every day maekup look like?
It makes you look pretty and underlines your personality and style while it looks to other people if it would have taken not more than 5 minutes.

29. Bath or cosmetic-table?
I don't have a cosmetic table but I once tried to put on makeup while sitting but it didn't work so good somehow...

30. Where do you buy cosmetics? (Drugstore, department store, internet, cosmetic studio...)
Mostly in direct brand shos such as MAC-stores or in department stores and sometimes some japanese cosmetics from internet.

31. Do you like it when new products from other countries are hyped on blogs etc?
Yes, I'm always curious on that.

33. do you use a lash-curler?

Now up to my new question:

34.  Do you use fake lashes? And which ones?
I use them verry often. I have some from MAC and Dolly Wink.

So up to the tagging.
I tag Nancy and Rui !

Shopping in Venlo

Today I went to Venlo for shopping.
Of course I bought a lot of scrapbooking supplies since there is a good shop for that.
(You can read about that over here in my Scrapbooking-blog)

And I also bought new shoes.
I was searching for some brown/beige ones for a long time but didn't find any since they are all totaly flat or super high and there is nothing inbetween.
But today I found some. They are not that special but they were cheap. XD

This is what they look like worn:

Shopping with Nancy

Today I went to Duesseldorf with Nancy.

Our original plan was to do a little Lolita photoshoot at the benrath-castle and go to the Bettypepper shop (a shop for scrapbook supplies).
But the weather was to cold to wear nice lolita-dresses and we found out that the shop is closed on fridays so it just turned into a pretty normal shopping tour.

So we went arround the city and this is what I bought:

I only bought a oil-bath-bar with marshmallow smell from Lush and the famous DUO lash-adhesive which is everyone reccomending me for ages.

Later we went to Don and had some delicious udon and gyoza! <3

After that we took Puris:

New jewelery ^^

The last days were quite boring. Just university and other usual stuff.
But I made some jewelery:

(This one I made with a piece of ribbon I got with my last order from AP)

The necklace and the second bracelet are supposed to fit to my Wonder Cookie outfit.
I made them with the fuwa clay of the sweets-jewelery-kit I bought recently.

I hope you like them! ^_~

Rainy Meetup + X

Today I went to Bonn for the Dunkelsuess-picknick.
It should be a verry big event with about 60 people and I was really excited and looking forward to it.
So I dressed up with my new Wonder Cookie. (and of course forgot to take a mirror-shot bevore leaving the house...)

Well we were sitting in the sun for about 10 minutes. XDDD
Then it was raining rest of the day so we only movend arround and were all wet and so I didn't have single foto from today! T_______________T

While I was in Bonn the package with the sweet-jewelery materials arrived.

I ordered a starting kit for sweet jewelery and some wipped cream:

Of course I directly tried it, so this are my first results with it:

(it's glittering but you can't see it in the pic...)

More packages to arrive XD

Today when I got home from university I found two packages that had arrived.^^

The first one contained my Wonder cookie Socks and Headbow:

The white lace is detachable, which I think is quite good because for my tast it has a bit too much of maid style with the lace...

Is it only me or are AP socks really getting longer and longer with every series they introduce? XD

The second package contained the decoden stuff Rui and I oredered from Fullmoon.
Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the huge stack of rhinstones and plasticparts when I unpacked it and now they are allready in boxs but I can show you a pic of my DS case which I could finish now:

It is the first item I decorated, therefor I think it turned out quite well.
(Somehow I think the back looks better than the front *lol*)

Welcome Satoshi!!

Today I got a paracel!

And in it was my new family member:

And I allready lolified him:

He's vey fashionable! XDD

Meetup fail and new dress

On saturday morning my wonder cookie JSK arrived! <3
It is verry pretty and I think on hot days I can also wear it without a blouse...

Then I went to the meetup at the Drachenburg castle in Koenigswinter together with Rui, Bin and Marren.
We went by car with Marren so the way there was smooth trip.

As we were there for some stupid circumstances I didn't came to visit the castle realy and I also didn't take much pictures because it was just to warm and my outfit was just improvisation.

This is the best pic of the day:

with Hello Kitty - Icecream XDD

The way back was a real horror trip.
The train we were first in was late and then stopped in Grevenbroich (a little town in the middle of nowhere) instead of going to the end-station Moenchengladbach where we would had to go on antoher train. They promised us to get a connection from there within 5 minutes. Well in fact it was more likely 40minutes and in this stupid little town there were only 3 different trains going and they all had at least 30min delay.
So we took the next one that came (after 30min) and went to Neuss from we first had to take the subway to Duessldorf and then to Krefeld! X_______X
All in all the way home took us 4 (!!) hours! Deutsche Bahn sucks! REALLY!

Dokomi and Japanday.... A lot of stress...

So the last two weekends were verry stessfull...

The weekend bevor last weekend I went to Dokomi convention with the Dunkelsuess - sales-booth.
Jasmin, Yori and I allready went to the conventions place on Friday to set up the Tables and everything so that we didn't have to come so early on Saturday. So on Friday I was at home at about 10.00pm and still had to wash my hair and do some further preperation so that I didn't sleep bevor 2.00am in the night and on Saturday I had to go up at 6.00 to dress up since we had to be at the convention at 9.00.
Also on Saturday Jasmin and I had to go home by train so we came home late. To make it short: there was not much sleep that weekend.

On Saturday I wore my standard Fairy Rock Angel pirate Outfit:

(Pic is made and edited by Claudia)
Since Saturday was the main day of the convention and there were a lot of visitors we had to stay at our tables most of the time and couldn't take much fotos.

On Sunday I wore my new Jewelery Jelly OP for the first time! <3

(again a pic by Claudia)

All togehter it was stressfull but we had a lot of fun! (and I earned a bunch of money! haha XD )

Last weekend was the long awaited Japan-day in Duesseldorf.

I went there together with Rui and we meet all our other friends there bit by bit.
It was just as every jear, walking arround, talking with friends, beeing photographed a 1000times and earning a sun-burn XDDD

I wore the same outfit as on Dokomi just with other hair and nails:
(inspired by Maki^^)

Sadly I don't have verry nice pics of me that day because I had problems with my eyes (an allergic reaction I suppose...) It looked like I was crying the whole day >.<  So I look verry stupid on every picture T_____T

In the evening Rui and I went back to my place and changed to some more relaxed styling and then went back to have coktails with the others.
Rui, Bin, Binh, Caudia, Alina and I were at Mandalai until 3.00am XD

On Sunday I had to get up early again since I went to the Dunkelsuess x Jelly Beans Teaparty.
I wore the Jewelery Jelly again but didn't spend much time on my hair since it was heavyly rainig that day.
Juki and Sakura were sooo cute!!! <3
I didn't get the pictures of that day jet so I will report about that in detail when I get them.