A really LUCKY day!!!

Yesterday was really a LUCKY day for me!
In the afternoon I went to Starbucks with Nina and when I was back home and turned on ICQ I saw that Nancy posted a Link to me.
And, oh my good, it was a link to a sales post for a pink-black Melty Chocolate JSK with headbow with a reasonable price!! I directly bought it.
Till now I still can't belive that I will really get it! I'had never imagined to get a new dress in the next time and I'm so happy!

Here are some pictures, taken from the sales-post:


Long time no post....

Yeah I didn't post often in last time....
(But I actually did post, but just over there on LolitaScrap )
I don't know... At the moment all outfits to post would be a repetition of older posts because there is still this undecided weather, which I really hate.
Why can't real winter just start now??

But anyway here is my outfit from today:

Nothing special but new Popteen <3

Today happend nothing exciting, I left out the first few lessons to work on a new baby doll top.
Then I only went to the last lesson.
When I came home I had time to scan at least the cover of the new Popteen issue I bought on saturday:

Kumikey is on the cover again. *surprise* *surprise* XDD
I really love the cover! The colours are sooo pretty!

Review of this week...

This week there was quite much happening, first thing is that I finally bought a Nintendo DSi ! <3<3

  And these are the games I bought:

At thursday I went to the Indoor-ski-park in Neuss with Ann-Kathrin directly after the first lecture.
We had a lot of fun but I also had a little accident, I slammed backwards down the hill with head first. >.<

Oh and there is another thing to tell:
I opend a second bolg, it's about Lolita Scrapbooking and it has a forum, too!

You can visit it at:   http://lolitascrap.blogspot.com

Belated post from last weekend....

Last weekend there happend nothing tooo special but I went to Moers with my parents and bought this cool shoes:

I'm ill! T____T

Hey guys, just a short update.
Sorry for not posting so long!
I have a terrible migraine since tuesday! T___T
There have been a lot of things going on this week but I'm not feeling well enough to take fotos now so I will post when I'm ok again...

New Papers! <3

Hey! I'm ill this week so I don't really dress up so there are no new pics till now but today I got the Papers from Bettypepper which I ordered for scrapbooking and they are really amazing! *__*
Sooo pretty!

I'm also working on a Lolita Scrapbooking Blog and Forum now.
The Forum is allready standing: http://200114.homepagemodules.de/
For the Blog I still have to work on the layout.


sterday I meet Nancy, Claudia, Kathi, Laura and Kati in Düsseldorf.
Nancy fisited me in the morning and then we dressed up together and did our hair and so on and then went to Düsseldorf where we meet the others on the station.
First we had a little walk through the city where we took cool pics.
Nancy and I were in our guro lolita twin outfits.^^

Here are some of the pics we took:



This is my favorite pic of all! I realy looove that one!! <3

First two pics taken with nancys cam (don't remember who had it XD), the others are taken by Claudia.
Thanks! <3

Later Nancy, Kati and I went to nuco to have some good food and coctails and afterwards went back to Krefeld and to the Halloween party at KuFa.

Party Pic: