About tricon-hats, concerts and fashion shows...

So yesterday I went to the Jelly Beans concert.
Dunklesuess organized a lolita-fashionshow before the concert, in which I took part and they also had a sales-booth there.
The week before i finished the first sale-ready mini pirate-hats so I brought them to the event to introduce them on the sales booth an in the fashion show there.
When I came there Luci directly catched one of them. XD

So here are the Versions I have made so far:

The different versions are between 32€ and 39€ in price, so if you are interested in buying one just visit the Dunkelsuess Flohmarkt or write an E-Mail to fairyrockangel@live.de !
(Other colour combinations are also possible)

Sadly I don't have pics or videos of the fashion show jet, but if I find some i will psot them later.

I wore nearly the same outfit as last weekend so only some pictures of my new stunning special-version-hat:

I love that pic!! Luci took it. Thanks! <3

Luci and me, both wearing pirate hats and beeing verry cool XD

Hyper important chicks with backstage passes XDDD
(pic by Luci)

Luckyly, we also had the chance to chat with the two girls (ok in fact I was just standing by and understanding nothing while the others were talking to them in japanese XD )
The are both sooooo cute. And they also found that we were cute. They were like "Awww~ kawai desuuu!" all the time! XDD

We also took a picture with them:
(again a pic from Luci)

1. package to arrive ^^

Today was not really special day at first.
I went to university and afterwards had to go to Duesseldorf to buy some sewing materials.
This was my outfit:

as you can se I was kind of in ablack mood....

Then I was at home, playing FF13 and just lost a boss-fight for the third time when my mum made my day by telling me that a package arrived for me.

It was my melty chocolate headband!! <3

It's so cute!! But I hope that I will not get headache from it since it is really tight...


The last week I was really busy with because I had to make a comission for a mini  tricon hat for Alina and a Bag-Project for myself.

I wanted to do a treasure-chest-handbag. I always admired that one from AatP but I really don't like bags which only have a verry small handle, and taht AatP one is exactly like that.
I played with the thought since long time but nether had an idea how to realize it, last week the idea popped into my mind so I wanted to make one and take it to Contopia with my AatP outfit.

Well it was really not easy and it is only a prototype until now.
(I think it really needs some more decoration)
Here you can see it:

So today I went to Contopia.
The convention itself was not that exciting but it was verry nice to meet my friends there and chat with them and take photos.

Up to the fotos now:

My face looks so stupid on that pic! >.< But it is still the best I have with the bag in it...

This is with Alina. She is wearing the hat I made for here.^^

Harajuku-day Cologne

Saturday I went to Harajuku-day in Cologne, which is a small Convention for all japanese fashion styles like Visu, Decora, Lolita... oh well and of course also Cosplayers -__-'

So I went to Cologne and meet Chi at the trainstation from where we went to the Buergerhaus, wher the Con was taking place.
Dunkelsuess had a sales-booth there so many of my Loli-friends were there, too.^^
The Con itself was not that spectacular but it was verry nice to meet my friends again and we talked a lot and took some photos (of course!) and later we went to eat pizza.

Here are some photos of me and my outfit that day:

(photos were taken by chi with my camera)
*argh* I look so fat with that cutsew over my petticoat! >.< Guess I should get a shorter petti...

Originaly I wanted to wear a pirate-loli outfit from the collection I'm currently working on but I didn't get it ready in time, so I just pulled out that old outfit which I haven't worn for long time.

I was busy! XD

Hey guys,
I didn't post much last week. The reason is that I was busy... with gaming! *haha*
I bought a PS3 last weak spontaneously and just spend most of the days with it.^^
These are the games I own so far:

Final Fantasy is really amazing game. It's the first FF I'm playing and I realy love it. My favorite Character is Vanille.
Little Big Planet is really cute although I don't understand the gameplay really since I bought it second hand and the Manual was missing...

Went to Venlo...

Yesterday I went to Venlo for some shoppping.

I bought some nice scrapbook-stuff, you can read about that over here in my Scrapbook-Blog.

I also looked for some black fringed boots but didn't find anything that matches my imagination.... just as usual... T__T