I Created a Facebook Likepage

Hey guys,
I know it's been a long time.... >.<

Work was very stressfull these past month...
Also I was prepareing for a lot of new things. I have some new product reviews to come soon also I will start my first live-broadcasting soon.

While I was setting up the twitch page for that I noticed  something regarding Facebook.
In the past time I always didn't really like likepages on facebook since I thought it would make people think you are kind of attention-whore and also because it need moderating.

Until now my blog was linking to my private Facebook which was kinda useless since I don't really add people I don't know in person on that account.
So I had to options, either adding all the people who wanted to add me because of the blog to my private account and therefor think over every post if I really want that information so much public or creating a likepage for that.

Because of that I now created a likepage now which you can add by clicking the button in the sidebar or by searching for:

Japan-day 2013

Yesterday I went to Japan-day. An annual fair for Japanese culture that takes place at the Rhein-promenade in Duesseldorf every year.
I was wearing my yukata again but this time with another obi and a more flattering hairstyle than last year. XD

This is my favorite pic of me that day

I picked up Chrissi in the morning and we went to Duesseldorf together. There we meet Alina and her husband Brandon at the mainstation, where I helped Alina to put on her yukata.

Alina and me at the station's toilet

After that we went to eat something. We wanted to go to nainwa but there was such a long waiting-line that we decided to go to another restaurant.

After lunch we went to the Promenade where the Japan-day took place.
Shortly after we arrived there the wether went bad and it was raining and it was so cold and windy. ;__;
We walked the promenade and searched for Ina who we found at the end of the Promenade but sadly we had only a few minutes together.

After being outside in the to cold for a while we decided to go to starbucks to have some coffee and get warm again.

Me at starbucks
After that we went back to the Promenade because it was allready evening and a gyaru-meetup was going to take place then.
On the meetup we met a lot of nice people. I was very happy to see Jessica again, even if it was only for short.

Of course I took pictures over the day. I really wanted to take more pictures but the weather conditions were so bad that everyone looked shitty after a while. ;__;
You find all of my pics in my photography-gallery. If you are in one of the pictures and want a high-res-copy just email me or drop a line on facebook!

Some Updates

As you might have seen I added a new Layout to the Blog.^^

Also I fixed the "reviews"-section again so that you can find product-reviews easily.

I got a new DSLR camera recently and I really want to improve my photography and editing skills so I will do various photoshoots in the future. For this I added the "Photography"-section where you will find all pics from my shoots.

On sunday I already took some shoots at the Dokomi convention in Duesseldorf, which are now available in the section.^^

New extensions and birthday-party-outfit

Since I had to take out my tape-extensions some time ago, I bought some new clip in extensions.

I think the tape extensions have been a good way to get a good result for the low budget I spend on it. The tape-method is good because there was really no damage on my hair after wearing them for tree months but on the other hand they are really care intensive because it is hard to get foam in-between the rows while washing and you have to renew some strand every now and then (but this is very easy and fast). Sadly the hairquality was not so good (the hair was from ebay), this is why it did last "only" three months.
Away from that I found out that I really don't want to spent like 1-2hours every time I wash my hair and that I in fact don't really wear my hair open for work and stuff so for me, it is not really worth it to have extremly long hair every day.

That is why I bought clip in extensions again. I wanted some good quality hair so I boght it from www.rapunzelofsweeden.de because I have read a lot of good feedbacks and reviews about them.
I decided for a full set of 110g of european hair type, 50cm in length, color #24. They also sell indian hair but I had indian hair before and I always had the feeling that it was thicker and more stiff then my own hair so I figured that the european hair would match my own hair structure better.

The website has an easy structure, provides all informations needed and the ordering process is very easy. The shipping happend very fast and this is what the packaging looked like:

The hair itself was packed in a special plastic packaging and I got some haircare-testers as present:

The set contains of 7 pieces: 1x 4clip-piece, 2x 3clip-piece, 2x 2clip-piece and 2x 1clip-piece:

And a closeup so you can see the colour and structure:

I was very lucky with the color since it matches my haircolor really good.
(If you want to order from them and are not sure of the color you can order a ring of testing-strands and send it back after you figured the right color)
My first impression of the hair is that it is really nice and smooth and a bit thinner than I'm used to from the indian hair. Of course the quality will only fully show after some using, washing and styling.

The first time I wore out my new extensions was my birthday party that took part at my grandparents garden last week.
I did a big barbecue party for all my friends.^^

Of course I bought some new clothes for it. XD So here you can see my outfit for the party:

I tried the neko-mimi hairstyle for the first time and I really liked it on me.^^

On saturday I went to the pirate-themed meetup by my circle Velvet. I will post about it asap!!^^

Catching up: new cosmetics and recents pics

I have not posted for such a long time.
But it didn't really happen so much. Just work, work and again work... ;__;

But I have bought some new cosmetics recently:

This is my new Dior BB-Cream. I had one from Estee Lauder before but this one is much better since the color is much lighter and it is more moisturizing.

For birthday I got some new perfume and eyeshadow:

And here some recent pictures:

Carnival, gal-meet and some gets...

So last weekend was Carnival here in my region. It is celebrated every year in febuary over one weekend with a lot of parties and parades!

This year my costume was cheshire cat^^

I really like this costume so I will probably wear it again at Halloween^^

Some weeks ago there was the international gyaru winter meetup. I went there with Ina and we had a lot of fun meeting all the cute gals there. I was really happy to see all the people which I come to meet so rarely like the dutch girls from hyper and my sweet name-sister Jessica.

Somehow I got only very few pics of the day but here they are:

my outfit for the meet

one of the puris I took with Jessica

As you can see in all of the pics in this post I finaly have some new hair-exensions! *__*
Until now I alsways used clip in extensions but now I have some permanent ones and I love them so much, they are fixed with a kind of glue tape. Maybe I will do a review about that if some of you are intrested...

And last but not least I went shopping again last week, this is what I got:

It's finally done *__*

You might have wondered why I didn't post here for like ages.
Well the last months I have been very unhappy with my old blogging-platform (Wordpress) and my old Layout. I really wanted to switch but I didn't have the time to export everything and do the new layout until now.
But with this post I'm back to blogspot now!!
I wanted to go back for a long time since I really missed the blogger following tool which I think is really strong tool. I noticed it at myself while I was using blogger in the past that I was more likely following blogs that were on the blogger platform, since it is easy to read because you get all the new posts from the blogs you are following directly to your own dashboard. Only thing that doesn't yet work is my normal url.

So at the moment you find this blog under: