Recent cosmetic buys

Last week my ebay orders whith cosmetics and lashes arrived at my placed.

I ordered some japanese items:



  • Dolly Wink eybrow-powder
  • Diamond lower lash
  • Micro fiber eyelid tape
  • Diamond eybrow-mascara

I allready tested the lashes and concealer today.

I will make a detailed review about the concealer soon!^^


Last week I also went to the mac store in Duesseldorf sice I wanted to get a brushset from this years holiday collection. Every year before christmas they release some special edition limited makeup and brush sets whuch come in pretty beauty bags.

Last year I didn't like the designs but this year it is so great!


But enough said, now to the pictures^^





New buys from Zalando

This week I received some new buys which I ordered from Zalando.

This is a German online-shop for shoes, chlothes, acessories, cosmetics and home acessories.

The have a lot of different brands, like high fashion designers but also more affordable brands.

This is the second time I ordered from them. (First have been my ugg-boots)

I really like the shop because of there really fast shipping. I ordered last monday at late evening, so it was shipped on tuesday an allready arrived at thursday. The other good thing is that the shipping (and also returning) is free on every order, no matter how high the price is.

That is why I really could reccomend to buy from them!


And here are the things I ordered from them:





Meeting some nice gals

Yesterday I was invited to be guest at a meet of the velvet gyarusa.

I new some of the people from some overall gal meetups and facebook but never really talked with them that much.

First my styling for the meetup:




What I'm wearing: Dress by bench, cardigan by guess, overknee-socks by tranzparenze, boots by ugg and jewelery by thomas sabo and gina tricot.

I originaly wanted to dye some light purple and black parts into my hair, but at the shop I went to the purple dirictions colour was sould out. So I bought some readymade dark purple strands. I think it looks ok but not not really like I wanted it....


Back to the meetup: We meet at the station and then walked arround and later went to sausalitos to get some coctails and food.


Here are som pics I took:


Laura & Alina

They were in brilliant with me before but since brilliant kinda closed the went over to velvet and are now their newes members.


Danny & Laura


Ari & Aiko


Ari & me

(Sadly the pic is very blurred ;___;)


Aiko & me


Sadly I forgot to take pics togehter with danny and vanessa ;__;

All the people were really nice and I really like them! I hope I can meet them again soon.^^

And for last: random selfpic I took at sausalitos:




Recent buys

This month was really stressfull for me since there was a lot to do at work. But now I am on holiday and I want to show you what I gifted myself with for the hard work.^^


Of course I got the new iPhone 5 when it was released. <3



My last iPhone 4 was in white but this time I have choosen the black one since I like the monocrome style of it.

I really love the new design and size and for me also siri is a new thing since it was not avaliable on iphone 4.


Of course as soon as I got it I also orderd some nice cases for it.

These are the two I bought from strapya-world:



I also bought some boots from ugg and a cardigan from guess




I also bought the new mascara from benefit and since my mac tinted moisturizer is tending to be empty soon I also bought some BB cream from Estee Lauder. I never used BB cream before but my first expression is quite good. I think I will maybe review it in comparasion with the mac moisturizer.



Tomorrow I will put some new colour in my hair and on saturday I will attend a meetup in Dortmund.

I'm very excited to get to now some other gals from this region.^^


Not much to tell....

I'm so sory for not posting so long! ;___;

In fact I didn't really do something really noteworthy since my last post because I'm currently saving up mony. Therefor I don't shop and don't go out much.


The only thing I recently bought is the nike fuelband.



For those of you who don't know it:

It is kind of a watch that counts your steps and calculates the caliries you have burned and also gives you the value in "fuel" which is nike's own mesure-unit. You can set a daily goal which you want to reach and a coloured led-bar shows you how near you are to your goal by showing colours from red over yellow to green.

It also syncs with iPhone and let you compare your data to those of your friends.


I bought this because I really want to start doing some soft sports to live more healthy and to loose some weight.


To shorten the time until my next real post I started an account at where you can post questions for me:


Meet my Friends in Duesseldorf

Yesterday I came to meet my Friends Alina, Ina and Charlotte again, which I haven't seen for a long time.

I was really happy that I could see them!


First we had some bubbletea and then the obligatory visit at OCS where we took some puris.

Here you can see my favorites:



After that we did some shopping. I bought the new issue of ageha which came witha gladnews-mirror as gift and also a cool pullover, som jewellery and a new game for PS vita.






On Saturday will be a big galmeet in Duesseldorf. I'm excited to meet all the people there but I still don't know what to wear... ;___;


First holliday week

The first week of my holliday went past so soon.

At monday I went to Venlo where I bought some cake decorating supplies in a special shop:



With these I made some cute cakepops on tuesday^^



I also went on some shopping tours in Essen and Duesseldorf and bought a shirt from Superdry and a Liebeskind-Handbag


And on saturday I bought a PS Vita^^

I also got a basic acessory set with two different cases, screen-protector and a game card case.


I had a psp some years ago and regreted to sell it after I did so I thought it was a good chance to buy the new vita now. I have the 3g version so I can play online anywhere. But I still have only a few friends in playstation network, so ad me if you like:

And for last a recent picture from this week:


Another thing I want to tell you is that I will not wear Lolita anymore for the next time...

I still think it is pretty but I somehow don't like it at myself anymore, at least the sweet styles.... Maybe I'm getting to old or something? XD Another reason is that the German comunity has changed. All the people I was with some years ago have either quit or just to it for them selves now and don't go to meetups.

That is why I'm selling most of my stuff at the moment.

If you are interested in buying something you can see the items on Dunkelsuess or in this facebook-album:


Party and shopping with my amazing colleagues

Last saturday I went to a party with some of my colleagues from work. It was a gay-party and it was really cool because you may know the problem of stange guys hitting on you when you wear gal style (especialy agejo). Well you don't have these problems at gay parties XD All people were so very friendly and polite which I think is not so common in most clubs.... XD

Here is what I was wearing:


And some picture from the party:


Top: philipp and me

Mid: the group

Bottom: Yannick and me


Today I meet Duci, Phi Tien, Phillip and Benni in Duesseldorf.

First thing we did was of course taking some puris^^


After that we went shopping and I bought a new top and new short pants: