Meet Laura...

Yesterday I meet Laura in Duesseldorf.
We went shopping a bit but I didn't found anything except for a new concealer:

I had the select cover up from MAC before, but this one is even better since it is more lightening up and has more moisture!^^

I also went to OCS since I wanted to buy new magazines but they didn't have any new ones yet....

Then we went to Naniwa and I had Churry-ramen as usual. I also tried kimchi since I was curious about it for long time but when I tried it, it tastes worse than my worst nightmare!! XD

In the evening I went to party at Rockfabrick (which is somewhere between Moenchengladbach and Achen)

Here is a pic of nancy and me bevore we went there:

I'm also wearing my new extension in that pic but sadly you can't see much of it...

Yes, I'm still here.....

Well I really didn't post for a long time since I was somehow quite busy over christmas and new year.
Everybody had hollidays and so I spend much time with my friends and now exams have allready strated.

Today I went to Venlo with my parents.
There was a new shop which is named "The sting" and which was very cool. I would have liked to buy nearly everything there but since my wallet said NO I decided for these things:

And here is a reacent pic of me in which I'm wearing a shirt and Cap from carhartt which I bought during the christmas-hollidays: