New skirt and new nails

This weekend, nothing special happend but I did my nails new:

With 3D-nailart <3

Also my mars-skirt which I bought from someone on LJ arrived!

It's sooo beautifull! <3
I cant wait to make an outfit with it!

Short update

I'm very sorry for not posting so long, I'm really tired these last days, the constatly changeing weather is really exhausting!

Last week I bought a new beige handbag which I was searching for for so long!

It's from Liebeskind, a german bag and shoe brand <3

On friday I meet my friends and we went out for some coctails and had a lot of fun, my outfit was somehow crap that day so I will not post it.

On Sunday we went to Gamescom, a big fair for videogames.
I really wanted to play Assasins Creed revelations but I would have had to wait about 3 hours so I didn't. (I will buy it anyway lol)
But I did play the new Dance star party game with move for PS3 which I will also definetely buy when it comes out since it is much better than Singstar dance.

This is a pic from sunday:

New Iphone case and some shopping

Last week my new rabito Iphone case arrived!!

It is sooo cute! I love it!! <3<3

On saturday I went shopping in Duesseldorf with my parents.
I wanted to buy a beige handbag but found none! ;__; So therefor I bought two tops:

The black one has an all over transparency pattern with skulls <3

I bought a mars skirt from egl, I'm very excited for it to arrive!^^

Meeting my girls in Duesseldorf!

Last saturday I meet my girls Alina, Bella, Maren and Charlotte in Duesseldorf.

It was a really funny day and I was very happy to see them all!

Of course as susual we first went to take puris. Here are my favorites:


Maren and Alina are decorating our Puris^^

After that we went to Don and I had delicious gyouza-udon! <3

Later we went arround the city a bit and had bubbletea...

And finally some Outfit-pics:

Just some Pics from Animagic...

I'm sorry that I'm so behind with posting!! >.<

Here are just some pics from Animagic. I went there on Saturday but it was not that great. The weather was bad, it was very empty and alltogether quite boring.
We also didn't take much photos since binh (our photographer) had no ticket and was staying outside.

So here are just some pics of my Outfit and my friends:

I tried a new hairstyle...
It could have been more curly but my curling-iron broke ;__;

With Alina and Laura <3

I'm now using Google+ !

Feel free to add me! ^^
(by klicking the logo)

Meet Bella in Duesseldorf

Last friday I meet Bella in Duesseldorf.
I was very happy that she came the long way to see me and we had a lot of fun! <3

Of course we firt went to OCS and took Purikura^^

behind the sceenes: Bella decorating our Puris^^

After that we went to Don and had delicious Udon.^^
Later we went trough the city a bit and then stopped by at BoboQ to have some Bubbletea...

Of course I also bought some things^^:

Cute hair-ribbons from H&M <3

New Ranzuki and Purikura-booklett

Sadly I forgot to take a pic of my Outfit but I will do next time!