Recent cosmetic buys

Last week my ebay orders whith cosmetics and lashes arrived at my placed.

I ordered some japanese items:



  • Dolly Wink eybrow-powder
  • Diamond lower lash
  • Micro fiber eyelid tape
  • Diamond eybrow-mascara

I allready tested the lashes and concealer today.

I will make a detailed review about the concealer soon!^^


Last week I also went to the mac store in Duesseldorf sice I wanted to get a brushset from this years holiday collection. Every year before christmas they release some special edition limited makeup and brush sets whuch come in pretty beauty bags.

Last year I didn't like the designs but this year it is so great!


But enough said, now to the pictures^^





New buys from Zalando

This week I received some new buys which I ordered from Zalando.

This is a German online-shop for shoes, chlothes, acessories, cosmetics and home acessories.

The have a lot of different brands, like high fashion designers but also more affordable brands.

This is the second time I ordered from them. (First have been my ugg-boots)

I really like the shop because of there really fast shipping. I ordered last monday at late evening, so it was shipped on tuesday an allready arrived at thursday. The other good thing is that the shipping (and also returning) is free on every order, no matter how high the price is.

That is why I really could reccomend to buy from them!


And here are the things I ordered from them: