Magazines <3

Magazines can be a very good source of information, or in worst case just be dead – boring…..

In fact I don’t often look into german magazines because most of them (in my opinion)  are real boring and just showing to much 0-8-15 mainstream co’ords which you can also see by just walking through the streets.
I sometimes take a look into “Glamour” but it is really just looking through in 10 minutes, and most of the time there is nothing realy exciting in it.
I’m also used to have a look into “Vouge” which isn’t bad but it’s not my style and I think it is more made for another age-group.

German magazines I really recommend are:

Streetwear today
is a German magazine but it’s written in English. It’s oriented on streetwear.

Style and the family tunes
is written in English and German. It is more a lifestyle magazine with topics out of fashion, art and architecture, literature and actual topics. It always has a very nice, inspirating modern layout.

Japanese magazines I can recommend:

is a fashion magazine about Gal-style (which is a japanese fashion trend) and there are often nice make up tutorials in it.

is oriented to Gothic, Lolita and Punk style.

If you are interested in having a Look into these or other Japanese magazines you should check out the J-magazine-scans Community on Livejournal  where you can find scans of nearly every magazine for free or buy them on Neotokyo (german only).