sterday I meet Nancy, Claudia, Kathi, Laura and Kati in Düsseldorf.
Nancy fisited me in the morning and then we dressed up together and did our hair and so on and then went to Düsseldorf where we meet the others on the station.
First we had a little walk through the city where we took cool pics.
Nancy and I were in our guro lolita twin outfits.^^

Here are some of the pics we took:



This is my favorite pic of all! I realy looove that one!! <3

First two pics taken with nancys cam (don't remember who had it XD), the others are taken by Claudia.
Thanks! <3

Later Nancy, Kati and I went to nuco to have some good food and coctails and afterwards went back to Krefeld and to the Halloween party at KuFa.

Party Pic: