So to start on Friday I went to Duesseldorf and meet Laura there.
We had Coffee at Starbucks and went shopping. I bought this dress by Diesel:

(you can't really recognize the fit here XD )

later I went to Koenigsburg with Melli, Steffi and some other people, we really had a lot of fun there! XDD
Of course I wore my new dress^^

On saturday I meet nancy, Laura and Binh in Duesseldorf and we went to Benrath-Castle to have a photoshoot in Lolita chlothes.

The pics turned out quite good....

This is my favorite pic of the day^^
(shoot and edited by Binh)

later we went to eat at Don (Toriteri Udon <3) and took puris at OCs... as always... XDD

Well..... Thats a long post! XDDD