New mobilephone!!

When I arrived home from University today my new mobilephone had allready arrived with the post.^^
It is really cool and I'm very happy with it until now. (I just have to practice typing text on a touchscreen some more XDD )

AGAIN meeting in Duesseldorf...... XDD

This Saturday there was a meetup in Duesseldorf again.
This time I meet Nancy, Laura, Yumeko, Snowwhite and a very nice english Lolita named Emma which was in Germany for some days with her husband.

Of course we took her to OCS and did Purikura^^

After that we went to eat something at Shadow-Arcaden and then to the Christmas-market.
It was really funny.

Laura and me were drinking hot chocolate while the others went for ice-skating^^


So to start on Friday I went to Duesseldorf and meet Laura there.
We had Coffee at Starbucks and went shopping. I bought this dress by Diesel:

(you can't really recognize the fit here XD )

later I went to Koenigsburg with Melli, Steffi and some other people, we really had a lot of fun there! XDD
Of course I wore my new dress^^

On saturday I meet nancy, Laura and Binh in Duesseldorf and we went to Benrath-Castle to have a photoshoot in Lolita chlothes.

The pics turned out quite good....

This is my favorite pic of the day^^
(shoot and edited by Binh)

later we went to eat at Don (Toriteri Udon <3) and took puris at OCs... as always... XDD

Well..... Thats a long post! XDDD


This week didn't happen anything special....

 On tuesday I went to duesseldorf with Kuebra and bought the new Ageha and Egg:

 There is much abougt makeup in the Ageha again, I really like that^^
In Egg there are a lot of very cute clothes I would love to buy XD

Last night I went to Duesseldorf again with the girls from university.
It was Ines birthday so we wanted to party but first we went to eat something at PizzaHut. (Ceezy Cruuuuuuust!!! <3)

This was my outfit:

Hair & makeup:

I refresehd my black strands and it got a bit much so now my hair looks quite dark... X___X

Epic shopping tour XD

I finally got my money so I went to Duesseldorf and meet Svenja for a shopping tour.^^

This is what I bought:

Guess skirt

Juicy couture hoody

Khujo parka

Dior deodorant

After I felt like I couldn't carry more bags we went to Don for dinner. It was delicious as always. <3

Of course we also went to OCS and took puris: