Duesseldorf with Laura ^^

Yesterday I meet Laura in Duesseldorf.
We went shopping but I didn't really find anything so we went to eat something at Maruyasu.

I had glassnodle salad, yakitori and inari (and a coke)

Then we went to OCS to buy magazines and take Puris and when we just entered we meet Alina, Binh and some friends of them.

Of course we then took Puri together, here are some of them:

And I bought the new Popteen and the Ageha from April. (The one from May was already sold ;__;)

I also had my new 3DS with me and took some funny purikura-pics from Alina and me with it^^

Well I forgot to do an outfitshot but here is at least se my hair and makeup:

Well, last but not least, today I bought a new game for PS3^^