catching up again...

I really really have to post more often! ;__;
But lately I'm so busy with working and searching for a new job and everything. And also with working on my new bloglayout.^^

Here you can see a little preview of how it will look like:

This week I got my new computer, a macbook air!!!! I wanted this for over four years and now I finally got it and I'm soooooooooooooooo happy!! *_______*

It is so super slim and light and so great in functionality! And also much faster as my old one.

And this is my baby:

Today I went to Venlo since I wanted to buy some boots but I didn't find any.
Instead I bought some very cool tights and a basic long sleeve...

And lately a pic from the little Lolita- Meetup that took place last weekend in Krefeld:

The Meetup was very small and we didn't stay long so we also didn't take much pix. I was wearing my Magical etoile with a new warm jacket to wear with my Lolita dresses.