Catching up the past weeks...

The last weeks I was not motivated to blog something but also not motivated to do anything at all...

But I did finish the Chi-modelkit I told you about in my last entry.
This is what it looks like:

Some weeks ago my darling bought a Wii console which is standing at my place.^^
So at the moment I'm playing these games:

This is the cutes game ever! The whole game is designed with fabric and yarn!

I got the limited edition of raving rabbids which is containing a pirate-rabbid figure <3

Zelda is of course a must have! XD

Today i finished a new deco iphone case. I think it turnde out really cool^^

I thought about seling some cases but I'm not sure if they would sell since with my actual material sources prices I would have to charge 25-30e for one...

I'm also thinking about a new blogdesign because I don't like the actual one anymore. But I hate to be bounded to the limitations of blogspot so I'm thinking about moving to another service but I'm not sure if it is worth the work since I don't have THAT much fans and no sponsoring or advertising in sight that could carry the costs of own webspace or premium paid accounts....

At the end a recent picture form last time party:

I really like this hairstyle^^