First holliday week

The first week of my holliday went past so soon.

At monday I went to Venlo where I bought some cake decorating supplies in a special shop:



With these I made some cute cakepops on tuesday^^



I also went on some shopping tours in Essen and Duesseldorf and bought a shirt from Superdry and a Liebeskind-Handbag


And on saturday I bought a PS Vita^^

I also got a basic acessory set with two different cases, screen-protector and a game card case.


I had a psp some years ago and regreted to sell it after I did so I thought it was a good chance to buy the new vita now. I have the 3g version so I can play online anywhere. But I still have only a few friends in playstation network, so ad me if you like:

And for last a recent picture from this week:


Another thing I want to tell you is that I will not wear Lolita anymore for the next time...

I still think it is pretty but I somehow don't like it at myself anymore, at least the sweet styles.... Maybe I'm getting to old or something? XD Another reason is that the German comunity has changed. All the people I was with some years ago have either quit or just to it for them selves now and don't go to meetups.

That is why I'm selling most of my stuff at the moment.

If you are interested in buying something you can see the items on Dunkelsuess or in this facebook-album: