Astrologian from FFXIV at Gamescom

Hey guys,
I didn't post here in a year or so since I didn't feel my life had anything interesting for you in this time but this changed last summer when I finally started cosplaying.
I was spinning this around in my head for a long time now since cosplay always amazed me, even back when I was into Lolita-Fashion, but I was never such a big fan of manga/anime and in that time 90% of the cosplays were manga/anime related.
When I got into gaming some years ago I finally found some nice characters that would make good cosplays but I was always afraid of it. I knew I could easily handle the sewing part, because of my background but I was massively afraid of the armor and props and had no idea where to start with this.
Then, last spring, I went to a role-play convention where some cosplayers had their own booths and I had the chance to talk a bit to them and get some tips about materials and stuff and so I was finally confident enough to start on my very first cosplay.

My choice fell on the classic Astrologic gear from Final Fantasy online, since I also play that class and really loved the design from the first look.
When I started planing I still hat tree months left until gamescom and I thought this would me more then enough time. Silly me. Of course it was by far not enough time, partly because I did this whole warble-crafting-thing for the first time and had no idea but mainly because I work in a full time job and only have my day of and maybe 1-2 hours in the evening on working days. So I ended up working on it EVERY F**** DAY for three months. In this time I did nothing but work, sleep, work on cosplay.
It was really hard but in the end I finished it in time for Gamescom.
I have worn it only one day on Saturday since it was really really uncomfortable, first because it was a long black dress with a wool-cape and 31°C and also because of the huge skirt and the corset-dress I was not able to sit down.
But nether the less it was a really great day, some people asked me for photos or made compliments on my cosplay, which made me really proud. Even some guys from square nix took photos with me.^^ Only downside was that not so many people recognized the cosplay, because not so many people play the game and know the classes.

This cosplay is far from being perfect, but it was my very first one and I think for that it turned out great.
Until now I only have one photo of it, but I want to do a shooting with it as soon as I can.