Giveaways!! <3

To attract a few more readers I'll now start a giveaway event!

Here is what you can win:

(sorry for the blurry handy-pic, I'll repalce it with a beter one when my camera-battery is loaded)

1. price: Kera japanese fashion magazine issue 9/2008
2. price: Silver clutch from shiseido (has been a promoting gift)
3. price: Dior mini make p pouch (also a promoting gift)
4. price: Loreal glam shine sorbet gloss (never used)
5. price: strawberry phone charm

1. You have to be a registered follower of this blog
2. Comment here with your E-mail adress (for information if you win) and you get one entry
3. If you set a link to this giveaway-event on your blog or post it on a community you will get a second entry for each.
(Please edit a link to where you posted it into your first comment)

The event will end on the 4. of November 23.00pm if there are at least 7 participants. If there are less than 7 participants the event will be streched out until the number of 7 participants is reached.