Bad weather is boring....

Since the weather is so cold and wet and snowy at the moment there is no real oportunity to weare nice outfit.
I'm forced into lots of layers of fat-looking but warm chlothes every day. T__T
Because of that I will post other things....
I was at Kövit on Saturday but there aren't that much pictures up till now. So I will do an entry for that later.

At meroongi some girls postet there makeup-collection so I thought I would do that to and so I can also post it here.

So this is what I have and use more or less regularly:


- Mac studio fix compact foundation
- Mac skinfinish natural powder
- Lancome mousse foundation
- Mac select cover up concealer
- Loreal blush

Eyeshadows and Lashes:

 - Lashes from Mac and Artdeco
- Dior eyeshadowpalette (Black, dark grey, light grey, light pink, dark purple)
- Artdeco duo-eyeshadow (white, light blue)
- Benefit pink eyeshadow
- Mac creamy shimmering eyeshadow
- mac dark red/brown eyeshadow
- Lancome blue eyeshadow

Mascara and Eyliners:

- Calvin Klein gel liner
- Benefit bad gal mascara
- Calvin Klein white eyepencil
- Lancome Hypnose Mascara
- Loreal fluid liner
- Loral brown eyepencil
- Artdeco black eyepencil


- Dior Kiss transparent glitter gloss
- Chanel lightpink lipstick
- Chanel pink glitter gloss
- Dior light pink shimmering gloss
- Mac nude lipstick


- Artdeco Concealer brush and powder brush
- Rest is Mac


- Tokidoki, Dior and 2 from Mac

Skincare and cleansing:

- Chanel Hydramax Gel-cream
- Lancome makeup-remover
- Biotherm face wash
- Lancome moisturing mask
- Lancome cleansing mask

Thats it. And I realized that I only have verry few items in comparasion to others...