Big shopping on Saturday <3

 On Saturday I went shopping with my parents in Duesseldorf.
Aaaand a dream came true!  I was dreaming of a pentablett for so long and now I really bought one!^^

It's this one:

It is a pen & touch one so you can either use the pen or fingers. The handwriting-recognizing is really good, it can even recognize my bad handwriting. XD And of course it's great for editing fotos.
Which is actually the purpose I bought it for.^^
I also want to get Photoshop CS4 as soon as possible and I'm again thinking of getting a Mac....

But well, on to the other things I bougt, first a Bench fleece-jacket:

And I also boght a new suitecase since I always have problems to go through the middle rows of trains with my old one since it has a size that I would fully fit in myself XD
Oh and I also got a matching Notebook sleeve....