Karneval weekend

Well the weekend was verry troublefull.
At Saturday I went to Essen with my Parents for shopping. We had lunch at Ginger, a nice asian restaurant. I ate churry-chicken which was really delicious.

At a sports-shop I made a really great found:


It's the special Gretchen Beiler signature series oakley google I was looking for so long!


*LOVE* <3


The pattern at the corner is so cool and beautifull! <3
Saturday evening I went to a small karneval-party at a pub which was really funny. The mom of my freind Anne filled us up till no end so I went home really drunk but with only 2,30€ spend! XD

At Sunday I fell kind of sick but I went to the karneval parade in Uerdingen nehter the less since I promissed Nina to go there with here. Since it was under 0°C our whole group decided to dress like snowboarders as costumes.

On monday (the main day of Karneval) I went to the alternative Karneval - Party at KuFa where I wore my Princess costume.
the costume turned out verry good and I get many compliments and was asked for fotos several times XD
The had a photo-shooting-corner and so I took some pics with Lucas, a freind ofme who was dressed like a monk. At the moment I have only one pic from the shooting but I hope to get the other soon...