See you in one week!^^

Yeah I finally made it to get all my things packed into my suitcase.
(It needed some haaard squezeing! XDD )

Tomorrow I will go to austria for one week.
I hope there will be lot of snow and good weather cause I will go snowboarding there.

I probably won't have any internet access but I will post pictures and storys when I'm back.

So see you next week!!! *hugs*

Karneval weekend

Well the weekend was verry troublefull.
At Saturday I went to Essen with my Parents for shopping. We had lunch at Ginger, a nice asian restaurant. I ate churry-chicken which was really delicious.

At a sports-shop I made a really great found:


It's the special Gretchen Beiler signature series oakley google I was looking for so long!


*LOVE* <3


The pattern at the corner is so cool and beautifull! <3
Saturday evening I went to a small karneval-party at a pub which was really funny. The mom of my freind Anne filled us up till no end so I went home really drunk but with only 2,30€ spend! XD

At Sunday I fell kind of sick but I went to the karneval parade in Uerdingen nehter the less since I promissed Nina to go there with here. Since it was under 0°C our whole group decided to dress like snowboarders as costumes.

On monday (the main day of Karneval) I went to the alternative Karneval - Party at KuFa where I wore my Princess costume.
the costume turned out verry good and I get many compliments and was asked for fotos several times XD
The had a photo-shooting-corner and so I took some pics with Lucas, a freind ofme who was dressed like a monk. At the moment I have only one pic from the shooting but I hope to get the other soon...

Meet Chi

Today after my exam (which I really don't want to talk about..) I meet Chi in Duesseldorf.
First we had lunch at Naniwa, I had Udon.^^
Then we wanted to go shopping but all the shops in the City were closed because of Karneval except the japanese ones.
(For those how don't know it: Karneval is a festival which is held in the region here which is somehow like halloween, wearing costumes, making party.... but without the horror theme...)

Well nether the less I get to bought some things:

The new egg issue, vampire knight manga and some cute sweet-stuff-stickers^^
The new cover of egg is sooo beautiful!! <3 *___*

Here a closeup:

Recent Purchases....

Today I had the financial accounting exam and I'm not really thinking that I passed.....
But the postman made my day and brought my new circle lense which I ordered last week together with nancy!^^

I didn't try them on so far but I think I will do tomorrow, here is a first pic of them:


I really love that colour! <3 *___*
As you may allready know I went to a gyaru-meet on saturday but I still don't have pics of it so far since I didn't have my camera with me and I'm still waiting for the pics which the others took.
Our group was consisting of Nancy, Claudia and her friend Elli, the other Claudi, Kathi, Laura, Alina and me.
First we went to benrath castle and took photos and then we went to OCS (sadly I had no money to buy magazines) then we went to the MAC shop where i boght black gel-eyliner (this is why I had no money for mags! XD ):


After that we had ramen at Naniwa, I had curry-ramen as usual and it was verry delicious like usual^^.
It was really nice day, hope I will see them all again soon!

New nails!

Today I made my nails for the gyaru-meet tomorrow.
Now they look like this: