I'm still alive....

Oh damn, I really did not post for far too long! ;__;

The last weeks I had to work a lot and also did a lot of cleaning, cooking, shopping (for food only ;_;) and so on, since my parents were on vacation for two weeks. I was also busy with a new hobby I started, but I will talk about that later in this post.

The only interesting thing was a barbeque I did with my friends last saturday. Sadly I didn't take pics myself but you can check the pics Binh took on Alinas blog.^^

Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf with Nancy. Of course we had yummi lunch at Naniwa.
I had cury-ramen as always. XD

Later we went to P&C since I wanted to look for the wallet I was serching for since a month now.
This time I was lucky since they had it in exactly the colour I wanted! And when I wanted to pay it there was no pricetag on it so the salesmen went to look for the price and he has to have gotten it wrong somehow because I only had to pay half of the normal price. XDD

On the pic it looks dark gray somehow but it is taupe!!
So last week I started building modelkits. I found this very interested for a long time but now I got the oportunity to start since Alina (who did this too) had an undone kit left and traded it with me! <3
It is a Chi from the Manga Chobits:

My first kit directly was a very tricky one since there were a production mistake with the skirt so that it was all flat and I had to bend it to the right shape.
Now it is nearly ready and of course I will show you when it is.

I really like working on such things and I allready ordered two new kits from Rozen Maiden, an Anime which I came to like a lot lately:

I'm soooo excited to get them!! <3 <3