Not much to tell....

I'm so sory for not posting so long! ;___;

In fact I didn't really do something really noteworthy since my last post because I'm currently saving up mony. Therefor I don't shop and don't go out much.


The only thing I recently bought is the nike fuelband.



For those of you who don't know it:

It is kind of a watch that counts your steps and calculates the caliries you have burned and also gives you the value in "fuel" which is nike's own mesure-unit. You can set a daily goal which you want to reach and a coloured led-bar shows you how near you are to your goal by showing colours from red over yellow to green.

It also syncs with iPhone and let you compare your data to those of your friends.


I bought this because I really want to start doing some soft sports to live more healthy and to loose some weight.


To shorten the time until my next real post I started an account at where you can post questions for me: