Recent buys

This month was really stressfull for me since there was a lot to do at work. But now I am on holiday and I want to show you what I gifted myself with for the hard work.^^


Of course I got the new iPhone 5 when it was released. <3



My last iPhone 4 was in white but this time I have choosen the black one since I like the monocrome style of it.

I really love the new design and size and for me also siri is a new thing since it was not avaliable on iphone 4.


Of course as soon as I got it I also orderd some nice cases for it.

These are the two I bought from strapya-world:



I also bought some boots from ugg and a cardigan from guess




I also bought the new mascara from benefit and since my mac tinted moisturizer is tending to be empty soon I also bought some BB cream from Estee Lauder. I never used BB cream before but my first expression is quite good. I think I will maybe review it in comparasion with the mac moisturizer.



Tomorrow I will put some new colour in my hair and on saturday I will attend a meetup in Dortmund.

I'm very excited to get to now some other gals from this region.^^