Meeting some nice gals

Yesterday I was invited to be guest at a meet of the velvet gyarusa.

I new some of the people from some overall gal meetups and facebook but never really talked with them that much.

First my styling for the meetup:




What I'm wearing: Dress by bench, cardigan by guess, overknee-socks by tranzparenze, boots by ugg and jewelery by thomas sabo and gina tricot.

I originaly wanted to dye some light purple and black parts into my hair, but at the shop I went to the purple dirictions colour was sould out. So I bought some readymade dark purple strands. I think it looks ok but not not really like I wanted it....


Back to the meetup: We meet at the station and then walked arround and later went to sausalitos to get some coctails and food.


Here are som pics I took:


Laura & Alina

They were in brilliant with me before but since brilliant kinda closed the went over to velvet and are now their newes members.


Danny & Laura


Ari & Aiko


Ari & me

(Sadly the pic is very blurred ;___;)


Aiko & me


Sadly I forgot to take pics togehter with danny and vanessa ;__;

All the people were really nice and I really like them! I hope I can meet them again soon.^^

And for last: random selfpic I took at sausalitos: