Japan-day 2013

Yesterday I went to Japan-day. An annual fair for Japanese culture that takes place at the Rhein-promenade in Duesseldorf every year.
I was wearing my yukata again but this time with another obi and a more flattering hairstyle than last year. XD

This is my favorite pic of me that day

I picked up Chrissi in the morning and we went to Duesseldorf together. There we meet Alina and her husband Brandon at the mainstation, where I helped Alina to put on her yukata.

Alina and me at the station's toilet

After that we went to eat something. We wanted to go to nainwa but there was such a long waiting-line that we decided to go to another restaurant.

After lunch we went to the Promenade where the Japan-day took place.
Shortly after we arrived there the wether went bad and it was raining and it was so cold and windy. ;__;
We walked the promenade and searched for Ina who we found at the end of the Promenade but sadly we had only a few minutes together.

After being outside in the to cold for a while we decided to go to starbucks to have some coffee and get warm again.

Me at starbucks
After that we went back to the Promenade because it was allready evening and a gyaru-meetup was going to take place then.
On the meetup we met a lot of nice people. I was very happy to see Jessica again, even if it was only for short.

Of course I took pictures over the day. I really wanted to take more pictures but the weather conditions were so bad that everyone looked shitty after a while. ;__;
You find all of my pics in my photography-gallery. If you are in one of the pictures and want a high-res-copy just email me or drop a line on facebook!