I Created a Facebook Likepage

Hey guys,
I know it's been a long time.... >.<

Work was very stressfull these past month...
Also I was prepareing for a lot of new things. I have some new product reviews to come soon also I will start my first live-broadcasting soon.

While I was setting up the twitch page for that I noticed  something regarding Facebook.
In the past time I always didn't really like likepages on facebook since I thought it would make people think you are kind of attention-whore and also because it need moderating.

Until now my blog was linking to my private Facebook which was kinda useless since I don't really add people I don't know in person on that account.
So I had to options, either adding all the people who wanted to add me because of the blog to my private account and therefor think over every post if I really want that information so much public or creating a likepage for that.

Because of that I now created a likepage now which you can add by clicking the button in the sidebar or by searching for: