Harajuku-day Cologne

Saturday I went to Harajuku-day in Cologne, which is a small Convention for all japanese fashion styles like Visu, Decora, Lolita... oh well and of course also Cosplayers -__-'

So I went to Cologne and meet Chi at the trainstation from where we went to the Buergerhaus, wher the Con was taking place.
Dunkelsuess had a sales-booth there so many of my Loli-friends were there, too.^^
The Con itself was not that spectacular but it was verry nice to meet my friends again and we talked a lot and took some photos (of course!) and later we went to eat pizza.

Here are some photos of me and my outfit that day:

(photos were taken by chi with my camera)
*argh* I look so fat with that cutsew over my petticoat! >.< Guess I should get a shorter petti...

Originaly I wanted to wear a pirate-loli outfit from the collection I'm currently working on but I didn't get it ready in time, so I just pulled out that old outfit which I haven't worn for long time.