About tricon-hats, concerts and fashion shows...

So yesterday I went to the Jelly Beans concert.
Dunklesuess organized a lolita-fashionshow before the concert, in which I took part and they also had a sales-booth there.
The week before i finished the first sale-ready mini pirate-hats so I brought them to the event to introduce them on the sales booth an in the fashion show there.
When I came there Luci directly catched one of them. XD

So here are the Versions I have made so far:

The different versions are between 32€ and 39€ in price, so if you are interested in buying one just visit the Dunkelsuess Flohmarkt or write an E-Mail to fairyrockangel@live.de !
(Other colour combinations are also possible)

Sadly I don't have pics or videos of the fashion show jet, but if I find some i will psot them later.

I wore nearly the same outfit as last weekend so only some pictures of my new stunning special-version-hat:

I love that pic!! Luci took it. Thanks! <3

Luci and me, both wearing pirate hats and beeing verry cool XD

Hyper important chicks with backstage passes XDDD
(pic by Luci)

Luckyly, we also had the chance to chat with the two girls (ok in fact I was just standing by and understanding nothing while the others were talking to them in japanese XD )
The are both sooooo cute. And they also found that we were cute. They were like "Awww~ kawai desuuu!" all the time! XDD

We also took a picture with them:
(again a pic from Luci)