The last week I was really busy with because I had to make a comission for a mini  tricon hat for Alina and a Bag-Project for myself.

I wanted to do a treasure-chest-handbag. I always admired that one from AatP but I really don't like bags which only have a verry small handle, and taht AatP one is exactly like that.
I played with the thought since long time but nether had an idea how to realize it, last week the idea popped into my mind so I wanted to make one and take it to Contopia with my AatP outfit.

Well it was really not easy and it is only a prototype until now.
(I think it really needs some more decoration)
Here you can see it:

So today I went to Contopia.
The convention itself was not that exciting but it was verry nice to meet my friends there and chat with them and take photos.

Up to the fotos now:

My face looks so stupid on that pic! >.< But it is still the best I have with the bag in it...

This is with Alina. She is wearing the hat I made for here.^^