Candy Doll lip-concealer review

I promised to do a review of the Candy Doll lip-concealer a while ago so now I here you go:

Candy Doll lip-concealer:


This is how the packaging lookes like. Verry cute I think.
(This is a promotional pic from candy doll)

The origal retail price is 1260yen in Japan. On ichibanko I paid 1900yen including oversa-shipping.
I think the price is not a bargain but quite ok, though I was a bit dissapointed of the actual size which is verry small.

It has a medium shinny effect and a tiny shimmer.
For my skincolour it matches perfectly but I would not recomend it for dark skin types.

The texture is very comfortable on the lips, it has a bit of a creamy feeling and is not sticky at all, which really supprised me positively. The sticky feel is just what I always dislike at lipglosses but this one is just perfect. I never tried a gloss that is as perfect non-sticking like this.
The only not so much positive is that the smell is not that nice.

Overall rating:
  I really like it and would really rbuy it again, the price is ok for what you get and the qaulity of the product is really good. Only with dark skin you may get colour-matching problems.