Recent purchases

Last week I went to the city in Krefeld and Essen and made a very short trip to Duesseldorf to go to OCS.

Since my hair is in a bad condition at the moment I bought trial sizes of shampoo and conditioner-spray from sexy hair:


The shampoo is not that stunning. For my taste it's a little to dry (even though it is a moisturing one) and it's hard to get it foaming enough.
The spray-conditioner is really great! You can feel the effect directly after the first application and it's smell is really delicious. Sadly it is quite expensive. (300ml for 19,90€) but I think I will purchase the big one never the less since it is really sort of a wonder-treatment.

When I went to Essen I explored the new Kiko shop in the Limburger-Platz-Arcaden.
I never saw this brand or their shops bevor but I think it has some really nice products. I purchased a big powder-brush:

It is really smooth which suprised me, considering the quite good price. It is synthetic hair but of very good quality. (I would compare it with MACs LE-Brushes)
Price was 15,60€ or something...

In Duesseldorf I got the new ageha:

It has some really nice makeup-tutorials in it (as usual) and also some tests / comparison of different eyeliners and fake lashes.

Also the last week I really bend my head because I want to buy a new mobile phone but I can't decide between Motorola Backflip and Palm pre plus.
The Palm is better from point of hardware and basic softwear features but the Motorola has this verry cool moto-blur messaging funktions.
What do you think which one is better??