New Mobile phone and new design

I finally decided and bought a new mobile phone!
(For those who wonder, my number is still the same...)

I decided for the Palm Pre because I liked the Motorola only for its blur-funktion but who knows if this is really working so good as they tell? And it would have cost twice as much.

So now this is my new phone:

Of course with Angelic Pretty Wallpaper XD

It has an induction-charging-station. This is very cool, you just have to put it on there and it stays on there magnatically and gets charged.

Until now it still looks a bit poor because... well... its! XDD
but it will be hard to decorate it because of the shape and the slider mechanism.
and also I can't put any phonecharms to it because it has no loop for that! T__T
I think I once saw something like a loop which you can glue onto the phone but I didn't found something like this until now....

Oh well, and as you might have noticed while reading this, I have made a new blog design. I really love it and I think it looks much better thatn the old one. Hope you like it, to!^^