Animagic 2010

Past weekend, Animagic (the biggest anime- and manga-convention in Germany) took place and I visited it for the first time.

On friday I went there with Sascha and Svenja. We arrived there at noon and quickly found our friends there.
I didn't stay long since I still had some work to do at home for the Dunkelsuess - market which should take place on saturday.


 Our group on friday

 Claudi and me

Saturday was the day for my WHAAM-Outfit. XD
Some weeks ago I got the Onepiece of Magical etoile which is one of my absolut dream dresses which I wanted to get since ages. I didn't post it here when I got it since I wasn't that satisfied with it in the beginning but now I really love it.
So on saturday I went there early together with Nancy and Sascha since we had to be there at 11.00am to set up our both at the market. So on Saturday I was sitting behind the both most of the time but since Nancy was there to help me I was able to also walk arround a bit and to took some photos with my new dress.

with Alina

my favorite pic of the weekend! XDD

On sunday I went there a bit later and this time alone but I meet Medji and another lovely girl (which name I forgot  >.<) at the train and nearly directly when we reached the fair-ground I meet Marren and Ahn-Binh, too.
I was wearing jewelery jelly and Marren was my twin that day.
I didn't any serious photos that day since my hair was quite shitty, Binh was not there ( XD ) and I was in the Convention-hall nearly the whole time (I got Saschas weekend ticket because he had to take his flight home on Sunday and so didn't need it anymore)
There was a booth from Plasticpop which sold beautifull Pullip dolls which I really fall in love with. If I have had mony I think I wouldn't have withstand them and would have bought one. XD
But so the only thing I bought over the whole weekend was a stitch-fan. XDD

I went home togheter with Anna and Charlotte but before we took some funny pics:

With Flokati and Charlotte
(It was really shocking to see Charlotte in that cosplay if you know her normal hair and makup style! XDD)

 With Anna (cosplaying Draco Malfoy) and a weired friend of Charlotte XD

All pics except the ones watermarked by me are taken by Binh. Thank you!^^