Waiting for winter and timetable...

At the moment my internet-connection at home is not working so I can only go online by morbilephone or at places with free wifi.

Yesterday was that special day which appears every year arround that time and at which I turn from wanting summer to come back to wanting winter to start.
In fact: The day when I get the new Burton 2010/2011 seasons Catalouge! <3

I'm always verry excited to get it because I can see the whole new collection and also because it is always also a piece of art because the design is always verry well done and there are so much beautifull pictures in it.

Here is a selection of my favorite pics of it:

After seeing this trough I'm now really excited for the new season and want to go to the indoor-park in Neuss soon again.

I also came up with a list of things I still want to / have to buy for the season:

-  low light lense for my google
- new jacket
- impact shorts
- Burton goretex denim pant (I want that one for 2 years now so I think this year I may be really buing it...)


Now something about today:

Today I got my timetable for the new semester which is starting soon. I think it's quite ok:

I hope I will be able to take into account my grafis-lesson from jobschool so that I don't need to attend CAD Construction of Garm.

Also today afternoon I will go an register at a drivingschool to get my driving licence. I wanted that since a long time but always had either no time or no money but now I really want to start and I'm verry excited about it.^^