Duesseldorf ^^

Today I went to Duesseldorf early and meet Nancy at the main station.
From there we went to Bettypepper (a shop for scrapbook stuff) a bought some stuff I will post on Lolitascrap later...

Then we went back to the center of city where we meet Charlotte. We went to OCS and did Purikura with the new machine there:

After that we went to Don and had delicious japanese food. I had toriteri-udon and gyoza and after that to a cafe where Nancy and Charlotte eat icecrem. (I was allready filled up since I had a stop at starbucks on the way^^)

 The three of us at the cafe
(pic x-posted to ameba)

At last we went to the cinema and watched Toy Story 3 in 3D which was verry cool and funny.