Comming home...

Today morning I got the very spontaneous idea to go to the snowpark in Neuss.
I wanted to go there since a while but nobody wanted to go with me so today I yust decided to go allone.
And when I arrived there and entered the lift it finally felt like comming home.
Until that moment I didn't really realized how much I had missed that feeling of freedom when it's just me and the board under my feet.
It's the only thing to really get a clear head and forget about everything else.
The snow was just perfect, no icy areas this time and it was quite empty.
Sadly I could only stay for two hours but thats better than nothing. I would love to go there again next week but I'm not sure if I can because of money....

Since I was there alone I of course couldn't take pics of myself while riding so only a pic of the park: