Playstation move

Today was a really busy day.
This morning I went to Extrablatt and had breakefast with Nina and Lukas there. (because it's Ninas birthday today)
After that I went home through the city and bought Playstation Move.^^

I just bought the bundle because I first want to try all the demos and then go buy a game tomorrow^^

So far I tested the Demos and so far my favorites are "Sports champion" and "TV superstars"
Of course I'm also looking forward to the release of "Singstar +dace" in November" <3

Tomorrow I will meet Kübra in Duesseldorf to shop and I will look which of the new games are allready avaliable...

Plans for weekend so far:
Tomorrow Magnapop with Svenja (70%)
Saturday: Kufa with all the people from Uerdingen (100%)