New hairstyle

Today I was just too bored by my hair so I decided to do something aganist that and dyed in some black strands.^^

When I went to the city to buy colour I saw the graduating class of Vera-Beckers-College having their rehearsal for tomorrow on one of the stages in the city.
I watched them for some time, they were practising without the outfits and I'm excited what they will bring to the stage tomorrow.
I really felt a bit sad that I can't participate again, it was so much fun but well we can only be graduating class one time in life I guess... XDD

In the evening I wanted to get to the cinema with Svenja but I missed the train because dyeing hair took longer than I thougt >.<

Now I will only go to KuFa later...

Tomorrow I think I will go to Duesseldorf to party there, I haven't been there for longer now.

Btw this is my new haircolour and outfit for tonight:

In this dull light the colour looks more like grey but its really BLACK ... T__T