Bought something AGAIN..... XDD

Well short recap of the last days:
At tuesday I went to the city with my mum. We bought an awsome eyshadow-palette from Dior together^^

I really love it! <3

And I also bought some face-cream:

It's a bit mor extensive than my Chanel one, which is good for cold winter days^^

Then on tuesday-evening I got the big news:

Sascha (Rui) was returning to Krefeld!!!

I was really happy to hear that since I haven't seen him for so long now. So he arrived yesterday evening and tonight we will have dinner and coctails at Nuco together with Nancy and her boyfriend.^^
I'm really excited!

Friday evening I will go to Sebi's birthday (in fact I wasn't even invited but well... Swen turnde it into that XD), on Saturday our "Loli-gang" (XDD) will meet in Duesseldorf and Sunday we will attend a Meetup in Cologne.