Shopping and clubbing^^

Yesterday morning I went shopping with Kübra in Duesseldorf befor university.
I bought the new Popsister issue and  leather-look-leggins:

In the evening Kübra, Ines and I went to Kufa. It was very much fun, although Kübra had to leave earlier. But Ines and I stayed until they kicked us out! XD

This was my Outfit for that night:

After some like three hours sleep I went shopping in Duesseldorf again, but this time with my mom.^^
I bought a cool knitted top and a short leather jacket at Guess:

it looks a bit weired laying flat... I will post pics of it worn later...

For tonight, we will go watch some movies at Caro's place. Maybe we will go to Yumyum party at Magnapop later but we will decide spontaneously....