Short meetup and package

Yesterday I went to the NRW meetup in Cologne together with Svenja.
We arrived late so we only meet the others at the Cafe and didn't stay long.
I only got one pic that looks ok:

Today I meet with Alina, Binh and Sascha in Duesseldorf again but we only walked arround and didn't buy anything. XD
This was the last time I saw Sascha before Christmans since he will return to Dresden tomorrow. T__T

When I got home from Duesseldorf my package from Ichibankao was there!^^
I oredered some bottom-lashes and the new Candy Doll lipstick.

The lashes look really great, here is a closeup:

The lipstick somewhat dissapointed me since it is not really visible on me since the colour is nearly the same as my natural lip colour.
The consistence is quite good though, it has a matte finish wich I personaly like, but well the colour is just wrong for me....