Diamond Lash + Jewerich lashes review

So today I picked up my Diamond lashes from the cutoums and since I had time after university I directly tested them and did a review:

First of all this was my makeup without any lashes for reference:

Diamond Lash - "Charming eye" and "Princess Eye" bottom lash

Pairs in one pack: 5

Cost: 1700 JPY (~ 15,30€)

Bought at: ichibankao.com

The blue pack is "charming eye" and the purple is "princess eye"

Charming eye:
They are seperated in one big and two small parts

This is how they look on my eye. (Upper lash is Dolly Wink No.1)

Princess eye:
They are complete bows

This is how they look on me (also with Dolly Wink No.1 as upper lash)

Here you can see them booth in direct comparasion:

My opinion:
They both have a quite stiff spine which I personaly don't like that much since I think it is more difficult to apply and also not that comfortable to wear.
However on the charming eye ones I didn't have a problem with that since they are seperate parts so the pre-curl of the spine is not that important but with the princess eye typ I had some issues in application since they tend to flip down.
All together I like them cause the visual result looks great in my opinion and the price is quite ok if you consider that you get 5 paris whereas for example at Dolly Wink you get only 2 for the same price. (although I have to admit that Dolly Wink are my alltime favorites when it comes to wearing-comfort)

Some time ago I also bought some lasehs from jewerich so I will also write something about these:

Jewerich eyelash No. 3 (lower lash)

Pairs in one pack: 2
Cost: 1650 JPY (~ 14,86€)
Bought at: ichibankao.com

They look beautifull in the package, don't they? XD

Sadly I didn't even had the oportunity to do some pics of me wearing them since after the first time I wore them I allready had to put them into trash...

Here you can see one still intact one on the right side in comperasion with two where I removed the glue onle one(!!!) time. They directly loose hair or bend away when you try to peel the glue off.
(This can not be a result of my technic of removing the glue since these are the only ones I ever had problems with. I have other lashes in use for half a year without loosing a single hair...)

So just please do never ever buy these cause it's really like throwing your money into the trash!!