Girlgroup meet XD

Yesterday I meet Marren, AhnBinh, Alina, Binh, Laura 1 and 2, Nancy and Svenja in Duesseldorf.

Marren and AhnBinh came to my place first since Marren borrowed some things from me and then we went to meet the others togehter.

Marren and me at the train

First of course we went to OCS and took a lot of puris, here are some of them:

After that we went to PizzaHut. (I was looking forward to that for a full week! XDDD )

Cheesy Cruuuuuust!!! XD

and ben&jerry's

Svenja, Alina and me

Sadly all the others had to leave early so it was only Laura and me and we went to have some Coctails at Chillout and later went to Krefeld and to Königsburg with Medji.

Btw this was my Outfit: