Meetup in Cologne

Today I have been on a little Meetup with Alina, Claudia, Laura, Binh and Sacha.

But before I went there I checked the letterbox and found out that my Dolly Wink lases and lash-case arrived!^^

So then I went to Cologne with Sascha where we meet the others and took some pictures in the Flora.
Later we went to Duesseldorf and eat some Ramen.

This is one of the pics Sacha took with my Cam:

It's the only good one on my cam, I hope the pics Binh took are better...

New Mobile phone and new design

I finally decided and bought a new mobile phone!
(For those who wonder, my number is still the same...)

I decided for the Palm Pre because I liked the Motorola only for its blur-funktion but who knows if this is really working so good as they tell? And it would have cost twice as much.

So now this is my new phone:

Of course with Angelic Pretty Wallpaper XD

It has an induction-charging-station. This is very cool, you just have to put it on there and it stays on there magnatically and gets charged.

Until now it still looks a bit poor because... well... its! XDD
but it will be hard to decorate it because of the shape and the slider mechanism.
and also I can't put any phonecharms to it because it has no loop for that! T__T
I think I once saw something like a loop which you can glue onto the phone but I didn't found something like this until now....

Oh well, and as you might have noticed while reading this, I have made a new blog design. I really love it and I think it looks much better thatn the old one. Hope you like it, to!^^

Recent purchases

Last week I went to the city in Krefeld and Essen and made a very short trip to Duesseldorf to go to OCS.

Since my hair is in a bad condition at the moment I bought trial sizes of shampoo and conditioner-spray from sexy hair:


The shampoo is not that stunning. For my taste it's a little to dry (even though it is a moisturing one) and it's hard to get it foaming enough.
The spray-conditioner is really great! You can feel the effect directly after the first application and it's smell is really delicious. Sadly it is quite expensive. (300ml for 19,90€) but I think I will purchase the big one never the less since it is really sort of a wonder-treatment.

When I went to Essen I explored the new Kiko shop in the Limburger-Platz-Arcaden.
I never saw this brand or their shops bevor but I think it has some really nice products. I purchased a big powder-brush:

It is really smooth which suprised me, considering the quite good price. It is synthetic hair but of very good quality. (I would compare it with MACs LE-Brushes)
Price was 15,60€ or something...

In Duesseldorf I got the new ageha:

It has some really nice makeup-tutorials in it (as usual) and also some tests / comparison of different eyeliners and fake lashes.

Also the last week I really bend my head because I want to buy a new mobile phone but I can't decide between Motorola Backflip and Palm pre plus.
The Palm is better from point of hardware and basic softwear features but the Motorola has this verry cool moto-blur messaging funktions.
What do you think which one is better??

MAC Dazzleglass review

MAC Dazzleglass lipgloss:


Packaging has the usal puristic MAC styling.

The standard retail price is 19€. I would say it is hanging somewhere between ok and expensive.

(without a base)

(on concealed lips)

The look is pretty. It is very shiny and subtile glittering.

The feeling is good. It is not very sticky (but a bit more than the Candy Doll concealer). It has a nice vanilla smell.

Overall rating:
Its a very nice and pretty high quality product. The price is discussable, it's MAC and you are paying the name too, but therefor you know what you get.

Candy Doll lip-concealer review

I promised to do a review of the Candy Doll lip-concealer a while ago so now I here you go:

Candy Doll lip-concealer:


This is how the packaging lookes like. Verry cute I think.
(This is a promotional pic from candy doll)

The origal retail price is 1260yen in Japan. On ichibanko I paid 1900yen including oversa-shipping.
I think the price is not a bargain but quite ok, though I was a bit dissapointed of the actual size which is verry small.

It has a medium shinny effect and a tiny shimmer.
For my skincolour it matches perfectly but I would not recomend it for dark skin types.

The texture is very comfortable on the lips, it has a bit of a creamy feeling and is not sticky at all, which really supprised me positively. The sticky feel is just what I always dislike at lipglosses but this one is just perfect. I never tried a gloss that is as perfect non-sticking like this.
The only not so much positive is that the smell is not that nice.

Overall rating:
  I really like it and would really rbuy it again, the price is ok for what you get and the qaulity of the product is really good. Only with dark skin you may get colour-matching problems.

shopping with Rui

Today I went shopping with Rui in Duesseldorf.

When I went there i didn't really expect to find anything but in the end I ended up finding a lot. XD

So here is what I bought:

Tom Tailor Denim - Camisole

superdry - T-shirt

 Carhartt - Tanktop

MAc - Daszzleglass lipgloss

I originaly planed to buy the new Supergloss because I saw some swatches on the net which looked quite pretty but when I tried it in the store the really big glitter-particles sort of looked like they were scales of the skin that peeled of. o.O Verry strange... maybe they look better in the darker colours... ( I only tried the light ones)